Getting started with axesPDF for Word

Get to know axesPDF for Word by using our guides.

QuickStart Guide

What is axesPDF for Word? | Understanding the concept | Installation & activation | The user interface | Tools | How you should work with axesPDF for Word | Create your first fully compliant accessible PDF | Final Check (PDF, 32 pages, 1,3 MB)

Create accessible tables

With axesPDF for Word, you can make all the necessary assignments between table data cells and table heading cells in Word itself - this guide shows how it works. (PDF, 34 pages, 700 KB)

Master template

Use our Word template, that is already prepared for working with axesPDF for Word. It empowers you to create PDF/UA documents out of the box.

Master template

Word template that is already optimized for accessibility and contains the most common styles. (DOTX, 4 pages, 200 KB)

Use the template

How you work with the template and create your first fully compliant PDF/UA document.