out of the box

axesPDF for Word creates accessible PDFs in top quality. This means PDF/UA conformance as basis for WCAG 2 and national regulations.

Rich semantics

Support of all PDF roles – even Label, Caption and BlockQuote.

Role based workflow

Word authors only need basic accessibility knowledge. They use templates with predefined accessibility settings. Preparing such templates is the job of template developers.

Tagging fully customizable

The template developer maps styles to PDF tags individually and saves these settings in the template. For example: map a style to a table header cell.

Support of built-in styles
by default

By "Default" built-in styles in Word will be mapped to the most appropriate PDF role.

Proper PDF tag tree

axesPDF for Word creates a lean and proper tag tree. Only standard structure types are used, and you get correct tagging even between page and column breaks.