Check PDF/UA

Checking for PDF/UA becomes a no-brainer. The structured report shows a summarized result of all 89 machine-checkable failure conditions.

Fix Unicode issues

Unicode issues are no longer a show-stopper. Now you have full control of the mapping in an easy-to-use editor.

Search in Logical Structure

Browse the tag tree with quick navigation features: jump from one tag to the next with the same structure type or use the tag search.

Select tags with ease

Select any tag directly from the Document View. The tag is automatically highlighted in the Logical Structure View.

Screenreader preview

Simplified structure view for a quick visual evaluation. Check the logical order and the semantics to see what a screenreader would read.

Detailed expert views

Views for diagnosis and editing: Checker with report, Properties, Settings, Role Mapping, Destinations, Logical Structure.

Fixing Buttons - a selection

Rename Tags

Renaming all tags with the same name in your document in one step.

Delete empty tags

Clean your tag tree by deleting all empty tags at a single blow.

Add Note IDs

Add a unique ID to every Note tag in the document.

Fix placement

Fix placement attributes of figure, form, formula or note tags in one step.

Remove Logical Structure

Delete the complete tag tree properly to prepare manual tagging from scratch.

Artifact non-tagged Content

Mark every non-tagged element in your document as an artifact.

Insert Spaces

Insert missing spaces between words based on customizable settings.

Remove language assignments

Delete language settings for every tag and/or marked content.

Add PDF/UA identifier

Add required identifier to PDF/UA compliant documents.


Set Contents key of Link Annotations

Add alternative descriptions to every link annotation in your document at once.

Add bookmarks

Create nested bookmarks based on the heading structure in your document.

Create destinations

Add destinations to your document based on pages, headings and/or other tags.