axesWord highlight features

A great success: a tool that is able to create PDF/UA compliant documents in Word by clicking a button. 

Advanced structure analysis based on AI

Semi-automated tagging based on advanced structure analysis during PDF conversion.

Determine tagging rules in Word

Map Word styles to PDF tags individually and save these settings in the template.

Elimination of empty paragraphs on the fly

Empty paragraphs are deleted during PDF conversion.

Lean user interface with hidden complexity

All the complex processing is hidden behind a lean UI with a few clear buttons.

Linearization of layout tables

Advanced layout options by determing the reading order for layout tables.

Header cell assignments for simple and complex tables

Get fully accessible and compliant tables based on preconfigured Word styles.

Best in class accessible footnotes

Get footnotes that are fully accessible and navigable - even with a screen reader.

Rich semantics

Support of all PDF roles – even Label, List continuation, Caption and BlockQuote.

Use of building blocks that are preconfigured for accessibility 

Simplify accessible document authoring by preconfigured building blocks.

Determine if page headers and footers are real content or artifacted.

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axesWord offers full support of features

Page or column spanning elements 

Get a lean and proper tag tree - even for elements like lists or tables that span several pages or columns.

Symbol fonts

Use symbol fonts like Symbol, Wingdings, Wingdings2, Wingdings3, Webdings and get correct Unicode mapping.

Definition lists

Get fully accessible glossaries and list of abbreviations.

Font embedding

All embeddable fonts are included into the PDF.

Bounding boxes

Get correct bounding boxes for images.

Nested lists

Get correctly tagged nested lists.

Decorative and redundant elements

Flexibility in marking images or text as artifacts.


Map textframes to the best fitting role.