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May 17, 2017 - Berlin

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One full day: Learning from the best

PDF Days Europe 2017 & Global Accessibility Awareness Day joined

Accessibil-IT and axes4 present this Post-Conference-Workshop as a Special Topic Event of PDF Days Europe 2017 and as a contribution to the Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) 2017.

You can book a ticket for the workshop separately without attending PDF Days Europe 2017.

The official language of the workshop is German.


When Wednesday, May 17, 2017, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Where Berlin (D)
SI Steglitz International Hotel

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Highlight-Event about PDF Accessibility

Nothing less than a day fully packed with knowledge for decision-makers and well-proven workflows is waiting for you. The presentations don't focus on tools but share all the experience with these tools made by governmental users and agencies.You will find out the results of the PDF/UA study 2017. And there will be the opportunity to check out Camelot2 documents and their benefits for accessibility.

The Program

Develop your individual PDF Accessibility Strategy | Accessibil-IT

Learning from the best starts in Canada:
It is the country with the strongest legislation in the field of web accessibility - no wonder that the global leader in PDF Accessibility Services is located in Toronto. Accessibil-IT helps you developing your PDF Accessibility Strategy in a first step and presents real life examples how governmental organizations and companies face the PDF accessibility challenge.

How the BMWi in cooperation with PRpetuum faces the challenge of achieving PDF/UA quality with their publications

Learning from the best is also possible in Germany:
PRpetuum as the contract agency of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) presents their PDF/UA workflow for the creation of accessible publications (with axesPDF QuickFix among other tools).

The PDF/UA study 2016 revealed that the BMWi has published the biggest amount of PDF documents with the highest rate of tagged PDF. PRpetuum will disclose the secret how to achieve PDF/UA quality inspite of the high number of documents.

PDF/UA study 2017: What is the current state of PDF accessibility at German Federal Ministries? | axes4

The study was made for the second time this. axes4 will present a real ranking of the Federal Ministries in the field of PDF Accessibility. Which Ministry is leading? What has changed in comparison to the last year results? Has the number of PDF/UA documents risen? Which tools are used to create accessible PDF documents? What else tell us the figures?

sozialministerium.at - one year later: Lessons learnt based on PDF/UA monitoring and related to the PDF/UA workflows

At PDF Days Europe 2016 the Austrian Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection presented a Best Practice Workflow for the creation of accessible PDF documents (with axesPDF for Word). What has changed since then? Which strategies and workflows have proofed oneselves? In which aspects has the workflows been optimized? What are the plans for the future?

Learning from the best means, benefit from organisations and their experience with well-proven workflows and their optimizations.

The future of PDF Accessibility: how Camelot2 is a game-changer in the field of accessible documents | Accessibil-IT and axes4

PDF can be as accessible as HTML, said the famous web accessibility expert Jan Eric Hellbusch already several years ago. This was not true for the mobile web because the main mobile PDF viewers and operating systems didn't support PDF accessibility features. With Camelot2 this changes totally. Camelot2 marries core PDF capabilities to the flexibility of web technologies.

We will present examples of Camelot2 documents and explain how they boost PDF Accessibility. With a prototyp of axesPDF for Word it is already possible to create Camelot2 documents with one click. The clou: you will be able to check out the advantages of Camelot2 documents with your smartphone, tablet or laptop!

By the way: Camelot2 is not the real name of this groundbreaking PDF technology. It will be revealed in the initial Keynote session and subsequent dedicated track at PDF Days 2017.

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