About us

What is axes4?

axes4 GmbH is a Swiss company located in Zurich. We are dedicated to build software and deliver services that empower you to provide accessible PDF documents.

Our History

Founded in May 2015 we are a young company with a long experience in the field of document accessibility. axes4 is an initiative of Wertewerk (Germany) and xyMedia (Switzerland).

What is axesPDF?

axesPDF is a registered trademark of axes4 for all PDF accessibility releated software and services.

What means axes4?

axes is a short form of access & accessibility and combined with the number 4 this stands for:

  • in all 4 directions
  • in 4 dimensions
  • to all thinkable user groups (in the sense of "access for …")

So axes4 means: universal accessibility.
For all who like acronyms: axes means accessible extended enterprise solutions.

Our Mission

Everyone at axes4 carries a mission in his heart: a more accessible (digital) world for everyone. We take the part of document accessibility. And the goal of our solutions is, that you can take your part without great efforts. We all love to serve our customers and partners in the best possible way.