From Word to accessible PDF

axesPDF for Word empowers every Word user to create a top quality accessible PDF in seconds. Remediation is not needed anymore. Quality assurance becomes a no-brainer. The key is to use styles and templates that are optimized for accessibility. Everything else is done by axesPDF for Word.

„The days of figures floating to the top of the tag tree are gone with axesPDF for Word."

„PDF documents that are created with "axesPDF for Word“ stand out in a technical sense because of their very proper logical structure tree."

BITV-Lotse - einfach teilhaben

A long developing & beta period now ends with a great success: a tool that is able to create PDF/UA compliant documents in Word 2013 by clicking a button.

Dirk Frölich, Report about the PDF Days Europe 2015

1-click accessibility

Use Word as intended and click "Export PDF" – Done! The conversion takes care of a proper tag tree based on styles, embeds fonts and more.

Simplified authoring

The context sensitive task pane supports you with all additional tasks needed like adding alt text or marking elements as decorative.

Optimized templates

Save all axesPDF settings like the mapping of styles to PDF roles and the initial view in your Word template. You only need to do this once.