Quality Assurance

We make a thorough test of all PDF documents based on accessibility requirements from PDF/UA and WCAG 2 to make sure that you get compliant PDF documents. We combine automatic test tools and manual procedures to achieve the best result.

If PDF/A-2a is required, we do this conversion as a final step before delivering the PDF document to you.

"Greetings to you from one of our blind readers and he wishes to say that he is very happy! I don't believe that "Øjeblikket" can be any more accessible. Well done!”

Anne Marie Tiedemann, Fundraiser and editor of ”Øjeblikket” The Danish Blind Association

Quality check in 3 steps

Machine check

With axesPDF QuickFix and PAC 2 we check the technical accessibility. This includes general PDF issues, font problems, the logical structure and document settings.

Visual check

We have a close look at the logical structure to evaluate whether every piece of content is provided with the correct tag and the logical order reflects the natural reading order.

Assistive technology check

Finally we check the real life accessibility for users of assistive technologies. We use the screenreaders JAWS and NVDA as well as the low vision tool VIP PDF-Reader.