The only tool 
by remediators, 
for remediators

axesPDF is the most powerful tool for validating and fixing the most complex challenges faced by remediators. To make a PDF fully accessible and compliant with PDF/UA, WCAG and Section 508, axesPDF simplifies the process by making content compliant in a few clicks. Start with a tagged PDF, find accessibility issues easily and fix most of them instantly with a single click.

Clicks to Compliance

PDF accessibility can be challenging using tools that weren't designed with accessibility as their primary focus. axesPDF looks to overcome those challenges with a specific focus on making the most complex challenges easy to address with a series of clicks in an easy to understand user interface.

Find and fix with a single click

axesPDF is the only tool that can fix over 50 of the most challenging compliance requirements for PDF/UA.

Simplify the process

Testing and validating PDF/UA compliance is easy, as axesPDF provides a structured report that shows a summarized result of all 89 machine-checkable failure conditions.

Get complete visibility

axesPDF provides you with an all-in-one view into document compliance through a convenient dashboard that lets you see the tag tree, document view, tag properties, and list of issues.

Easily locate issues

Easily locate the cause of non-compliance by clicking on an element in the validation report, to highlight the related element in the document view and in the tag tree.

The only tool you need

If you're a remediator, axesPDF is the must have tool to validate and remediate the most complex PDF/UA compliance requirements.

What our users are saying

“axesPDF offers a huge bunch of timesaving features for checking & fixing.”
"PDF has experienced a renaissance with the PDF/UA standard. Not only do PDF files feel more and more like websites when they are read with screen readers, there are now also excellent tools such as axesPDF that empower users to create accessible PDF. "
"I mean [...] axesPDF, saves me so much time, right? I mean, the ability to level up my tags alone in axesPDF, I mean now when I make a PDF, I take it into axesPDF and I level up all the tags. It just makes it so much easier for me to walk the tags tree, and it takes 10 seconds, you know what I mean? And it’s amazing."