Automatically check PDFs for accessibility 

You want your systems or software to be able to check PDFs for PDF/UA and WCAG? Then axesSense is the solution!

What makes axesSense unique

PDF/UA Checks as API

Just as you know it from axesPDF, PAC or axesCheck: axesSense covers all machine-verifiable PDF/UA requirements.

WCAG Checks as API

And, just as you know it from axesPDF, PAC or axesCheck as well: axesSense covers all machine-verifiable WCAG requirements.

Integrates with your system or software

axesSense can be easily integrated into your systems or software as a REST API.

Check-out axesSense now!

Our web-based PDF Accessibility Checker axesCheck provides a first impression of what axesSense can do.