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If you are looking to meet the accessibility requirements of your organization’s documents. choose axes4 as your accessibility partner, and benefit from the world leader in on-demand document accessibility remediation service. 

What makes axesService unique

The unique combination of experts and the best software

The combination of our experts and the best software serves you and guarantees the coverage of your volumes and deadlines.

We are here 
when you need us

With our team of experts, we can make both small and large orders accessible for you and return them to you in the shortest possible time, and additional rush services are available for urgent deadlines.

Accessibility made easy

By combining unmatched expertise, best-in-class technology, and industry-leading scalability, only axes4 can ensure your organization’s documents are made accessible quickly, efficiently and fully compliant with all international standards and laws.

Unparalleled quality

With more industry experts than any other company, axesService relies on their expertise to ensure all documents are made accessible, globally compliant and most importantly more usable to the end reader than any other provider.

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The fastest way to your accessible PDF

We create accessible PDF files from the following formats:

  • PDF
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Adobe InDesign

Choose axes4 for all your regionalization and compliance requirements

PDF/UA (All files are UA Index: 100)





EN 301 549

EU 2016/2102



California Code

Section 508

Your documents are safe with us

axesService adheres to leading security and privacy protocols globally like:


Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (US)


Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (CA)


General Data Protection Regulation (EU)