Making accessibility 
more accessible

Now you can learn document accessibility from the industry experts that helped write the standards for document accessibility. This allows you to truly understand how your content will be read and interacted with by all users.

How our courses boost your 
PDF Accessibility 

Comprehensive and practical learning

From the fundamentals of document accessibility to the most advanced challenges faced by accessibility experts, axesTraining makes it easy to transfer your newly learned skillsets into your daily work.

Get tailored training

axesTraining provides guided learning from beginner to expert levels in each application, with modular training for individuals and larger groups.

Learn about usability

axesTraining focuses on usability, so that participants can learn and understand how a user interacts with content, not just how content passes compliance checkers.

Customize training to your needs

axesTraining focuses on the types of documents that are relevant to your organization, so you and your team can get applied learning, not just conceptual learning.