Generate Accessible PDF from Microsoft Word

axesWord empowers every Microsoft Word user to create a fully accessible PDF in seconds. axesWord eliminates the need to remediate the file as its created accessibly and compliant every time. Your authors are great at creating the content, let axesWord take care of the accessibility of the file.

What makes axesWord unique

The Microsoft Word add-in for PDF/UA compliance

axesWord is the only conversion tool for Microsoft Word that can create fully accessible and PDF/UA and WCAG compliant files in one click.

Save time and money

With enterprise-wide licensing, axesWord lets everyone on your team create compliant content for the majority of authored content, minimizing the expense of outsourcing remediation.

Easily create accessible PDFs

axesWord makes it easy for internal authors to output documents that adhere to a clean, logical structure in the PDF, ensuring the best possible reading experience for all users.

Author accessible documents efficiently

With axesWord, content authors have access to a single dashboard that allows for faster authoring of accessible content by automating components like font embedding, default styles, language assignments, and more.

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